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"Get up. For God’s sake, the water’s only waist-high.”

"I can’t get up!"

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“Why does the old man keep his teeth in a glass at night?”
“It’s where he keeps his strength.”


Big Tv: Polarbearman

Global warming really hits home for one man in this stirring short film made by directorial team Big T.V. (Andy Delaney and Monte Whitebloom).

He’s a liar and a coward.

‘The Fall’ and red

‘The Fall’ and red


Warning: * contains spoilers *

The Fall and dubstep? In the same place?! NOICEEEE. (song: Mt. Eden’s Sierra Leone

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Lee Pace: There’s a really funny story, all these guys got wasted the night before they shot. There’s one guy that got particularly wasted, he passed out in a gas station. (laughs)
Nico Soultanakis (co-producer): Tarsem said it was very hot that day too.
Lee: Yeah, he gives him a good close-up and it looks like he’s dying of dehydration, but he’s really just…wasted. (laughs)
[fourth gif]
Lee: That’s the guy!

The Fall Commentary